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The Layover

The Layover: Gab Rhome prefers “Pho in the streets, Ramen in the sheets” when he tours Asia

The All Day I Dream artist knows how to have a good time..

  • Gab Rhome
  • 10 December 2020

Gab Rhome is as global a household name as he is with his approach to music. The ever-youthful French-Canadian has honed a style of finessed deep and ethno-percussive house that has graced major labels like Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts, All Day I Dream, Kindisch and Anjunadeep. He’s become known for his stripped back and emotively pulsating dance floor antics when behind the booth, but when traveling and touring around Asia, Gab is all about immersing himself in the delicate quirks and amusements that have brought him back over and over. Whether it’s for a tour, a holiday or to catch up with his good friends over plenty of food and laughter, Gab Rhome knows how to have a good time — check out his his live streamed bathtub DJ set from Blond:ish’s Abracadabra Festival if you haven’t caught on yet.

Scroll on down to find out how Gab Rhome makes his peculiar memories from traveling Southeast Asia.

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