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The Layover

The Layover: Cruisin' through Asia with Curbi

“Drinking the special hangover drinks before you start drinking, I’ve only seen people do that in Asia and I love it.”

  • Curbi
  • 1 October 2020

Welcome to The Layover by Mixmag Asia, tips for travel-obsessed music lovers who have got their eyes on Asia. Travel through the region with your favourite DJs as they share the wild, the wacky and the downright most delicious tales from the Far East.

Take it from a man who has spent the better part of COVID in Asia, where he's been hunkered done in Taipei indulging in the local cuisine, culture and clubs (cause all of this is open in Taiwan). Why did he choose Asia over his motherland in the UK? The British DJ and producer has invested years travelling around Asia and like anyone who has put time into the Far East, he was hooked. His best-of list enticed us because he had a hangover cure on it, so here's passing on the tips and tricks to Asia.

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