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The Guest List: Session Victim serve a lively selection of floor-filling classics

The deep house specialists set the party mood in spectacular style

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 19 March 2021

Energetic German groove masters Session Victim have been stirring up dance floors across the planet since they first joined production forces more than 12 years ago.

Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling met in the late '90s in the small town of Lüneburg, and after 10 years of throwing parties and jamming together, the Session Victim production adventure began in earnest with the 2008 release of their debut 'No Friends EP'. Since then they've maintained a prolific release schedule incorporating a flair for fusing compelling, sample-based grooves with live musical flourishes, all the while upholding a supremely high quality threshold. Between them, they run labels Retreat, Pen & Paper, and Save The Books, and they've released their vibe-heavy sounds on Wolf Music, Night Time Stories, as well as regular home, Delusions of Grandeur – from where their latest 'Two Crowns EP' drops today.

Both self-confessed studio geeks, when they're not tirelessly crafting new beats, they apparently enjoy nothing more than a good old fashioned game of pinball to break up the studio intensity. As DJs, the pair are known for their effervescent performances, high energy levels, and immaculate, vinyl-centred tune selection. We can think of none better, then, to provide the latest booty-shaking instalment of our Guest List series. Here, especially for Mixmag Asia readers, Session Victim present a cultured selection of their tried and tested favourites from across the board of sensationally good music.

So, as ever, sit back, hit the appropriate play buttons, and soak up the distinct flavours of this prime musical crop.

1 The B-52's 'Mesopotamia'

Matthias: "One of the finest compositions from an amazing band. I had an amazing moment with this tune on a dancefloor once and bought three B-52 LPs the next day."

2 Morgan Geist '24k'

Hauke: "When this came out it really sparked my interest for house. Remember seeing [Morgan Geist's] Metro Area live at the old Panorama Bar before their LP really took off."

3 Josh One 'Contemplation' (King Britt Funke Remix)

Matthias: "Hauke used to play this track a lot at a certain time and I always couldn't wait for it. It has such tension throughout the whole arrangement and just gets me every time. When he got tired of it, I finally found my own copy so he could not escape this one for another two years or so."

4 Rondenion 'Like A Child'

Hauke: "Rondenion's stuff is so sick! This record did major time in my record bag! Play at the right time and take off the roof."

5 Christian Bruhn 'Vor dem Start'

Matthias: "Probably the record I played out the most, and it's from my hometown Hamburg 1978. It was really hard to find for me - I was so desperate I even wrote Mr Bruhn an email once asking if I could press this song on a 12", but he would't have it."

6 Mark-Almond 'Lonely People'

Hauke: "Found this record at Death of vinyl in Montreal and we both have been rather obsessed with theri music. This even works in the club."

7 The Clash 'The Magnificent Dance'

Matthias: "Insane Instrumental version of a great song in its own right. The intro vocals are great for mixing, as you can almost always place them over the last song's breakdown."

8 Herbert 'The Audience'

Hauke: "Probably the Herbert record I have been playing the most. Hardly leaves my record bag."

9 Delano Smith 'Midnight Hours'

Matthias: "An all-time favourite house record of mine. A lot of good memories are connected with this."

10 Mr. James Barth & A.D. 'Above The Skyline'

Hauke: "Mix this in above mentioned record for great effect!"

Enormous thanks to Hauke and Matthias for this spectacularly good list, an exquisite blend of stone cold classics and esoteric gems.

Session Victim's 'Two Crowns EP' is out today on Delusions Of Grandeur. You can buy it here

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