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The Big Questions: Illusionize

Brazil's biggest and best export has also delivered an exclusive mix

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 7 December 2016

Illusionize – somewhat of a buzzword in Brazil right now amongst the dance music community. The 22-year-old is on somewhat of a high himself right now as he wraps up 2016 with a whooping 199 shows that includes main stage slots at Tomorrowland, Ultra and Lollapalooza. Labels like Defected also took note of his work in the studio and distributed his productions, which have since received support by artists like Carl Cox, Greek Velvet, Claude VonStroke and even Tale of Us. All of this combined with his hats off reputation for playing extended sets has seen his organic following blow up this year and that’s something happy to boast about. Now as 2017 looms near, he sets his sights on the other side of the world and sent over an introductory mix as well as answering our usual questions. Get to know Brazil’s best export, Illusionize.

Where are you answering these questions from?

I am in the garden of my booking agency Plus Talent in Sao Paulo and the weather is beautiful!

What's the most unique hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

In Manaus (Brazil) I stayed at Hotel Tropical. The architecture of this hotel was truly amazing. The gardens were very beautiful as well and the whole area around the hotel was like being in a 5-star movie.

What was the worst job you had before you were a successful touring artist?

When I was 13, I worked in a restaurant where I had to do the dishes all day. It was very hot and sweaty.

What's your favorite band/music right now outside of the dance music industry?

I really like Young The Giant at this moment. I think the album ‘Home of the Strange’ is the best album of 2016.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals or superstitions?

I like to do some meditation and usually 15 minutes before show time I stay quite and focus on my set.

What's your lamest claim to fame besides DJing?

I always wanted to be a goalie in a football team.

What's the strangest cultural thing a promoter has ever taken you to do?

One time a promoter tried to hook me up with a guy even though I only like girls!! But that did not stop him!

What is one place that a visit home isn’t complete without?

Relax and playing video games and music.

What are your hobbies besides DJing?

I love to cook and light up the BBQ.

The biggest regret or missed opportunity with respect to your music career?

Luckily I don't have any regrets and I am very happy with that.

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