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Big Q

The Big Questions: Doorly

The Dirtybird producer opens up about his famous dog, playing 'foot golf' and running into the paparazzi with Nicki Minaj

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 29 April 2015

Where are you answering these questions from?

I’m in Kuala Lumpur, just went for a wander in the streets and found an all you can eat dim sum and noodle place which is blowing my mind. Took a break from stuffing my face to answer these questions. 

What’s the most unique hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

I love Ibiza Rocks Hotel (Pikes) in Ibiza – it’s so rock and roll and is steeped in history. It’s where they filmed the Wham! video for Club Tropicana and everyone from Grace Jones to Freddy Mercury used to stay there whilst on the island. After dark, it’s the ultimate anything goes party pad and the DJ box is in Freddy Mercury’s old bedroom. 

What was the worst job you had before you were a successful touring artist?

I did a little temp work when I finished university. I worked in an Ikea packing factory for two days and I also worked in a call centre for the Leeds City Council bin collection department. My job was to listen to complaints about peoples’ bins going missing and make a note of it, but I had no power to do anything about it so I just had to tell them I would sort it out although there was no system in place to do so. It’s mental that jobs like that exist in taxpayer funded workplaces. Thank God I’m doing what I’m doing or who knows what I’d be doing now.

What’s your favorite band/music right now outside of the dance music industry?

If it’s not dance music I’m listening to then it’s classic golden era hip-hop

Do you have any pre-gig rituals or superstitions?

Not really, maybe a few beers with friends to get the vibes flowing

What’s your lamest claim to fame besides DJing?

My dog Timmy is famous in Huddersfield as he was the official mascot for Huddersfield town football club. I taught him football tricks that he would perform at half-time for the fans.

What’s the strangest cultural thing a promoter has ever taken you to do?

It’s not really that cultural but when I played in Dubai the club also owned a sky diving centre so they took me up and threw me out of a plane.

What is one place that a visit home isn’t complete without?

A round of “foot golf” (basically golf but with a football and bigger holes) with my best mate Danny.  

What are your hobbies besides DJing?

Football, I play twice a week when I’m at home and then wherever I can get a game on tour. I managed to go play five aside last night in KL with some local friends. Anyone in Bangkok fancy a game?

The biggest regret or missed opportunity with respect to your music career?

Doing a degree in English instead of a music production course

Describe your dancing style? 

Pointy finger head noddy man

Most bizarre situation you’ve ever found yourself in?

DJing in Times Square with Nicki Minaj and then having to do the whole red carpet thing after her with 50 paparazzi screaming “Who the fuck are you? Get out of the way so we can photograph Minaj!”

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done while performing?

I was once sick on the crowd in Poland. They kept feeding me like literally pints of the local vodka that they brewed next door (Zubrowka) until “the bad thing” happened. Pretty sure that’s the worst thing anyone’s ever done whilst DJing, so embarrassing.

What’s the best interview question you’ve ever been asked (besides this one)?

If Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were drowning in front of you, which drink would you order at the bar?

The strangest thing you’ve ever eaten while on tour?

I’m not very adventurous with strange meats to be honest so I avoid this kind of thing, I did watch somebody eat a chicken foot though. Just why?? 

If you could spend a day with anyone on the planet, who would it be?

Larry David

What do you like to spend your money on?

Studio/DJ equipment, good food and upgrades on flights

Go-to hangover food?

In Ibiza (the place where I have the most hangovers of the year) there’s a little cafe called Relish and it’s owned by friends. It’s the most amazing home cooked style comfort food and good, sympathetic company.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen happening from the DJ booth?

At Pacha last year for our Ibiza Rocks house parties, we had a performer who walked a trapeze with a butt plug that shot lazer beams out in time to the music. It was mesmerizing!

Weapon of choice?

Kill them with kindness but I’m quite a fast runner if that doesn’t work

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