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Mixmag Asia - Taiwan、Mixmag Asia、theLOOP、Ableton與fish.the五強聯手在台北打造電子音樂製作課程

Studio Steps is heading to Taiwan together with theLOOP, Ableton & fish.the

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 11 September 2020

Studio Steps by Mixmag Asia is teaming up with theLOOP, Ableton and fish.the for an electronic music production course in Taipei. Scroll down for English.






1. Ableton Live 介紹
2. 創作節奏
3. 創作旋律與和弦
4. 聲音處理
5. 聲音效果器
6. 混音
7. 進階功能
8. 成果發表



- 安裝Ableton Live 10的電腦(你可使用90天免費試用版)
- 耳機
- Midi鍵盤(非必備)
- 建議使用SPLICE.COM上的素材

近日Ableton提供了90天免費試用版。由於本課程經Ableton官方協辦,課程期間所有參與學生皆有資格購買六折的Ableton Live 10教育版。

* 完成工作坊學程後,同學們課堂中的創作只要通過老師要求門檻,就會被推薦到台灣音樂產業的領導者們手上!


化名為fish.the的黃凱宇老師從1988年起接觸合成器與DJ,如今是亞洲公認的電子音樂先驅。他與@llen合寫的《2001電音世代-電子舞曲聖經》是台灣第一本電音舞曲著作,與林強共譜的《千禧曼波》電影原聲帶則拿下第38 屆金馬獎「最佳原創電影音樂」。當黃凱宇以fish.the的身份表演時,他的演奏工具是Ableton Live、Push以及M4L;在此同時,他還以電音樂團「三牲獻藝」的團員身份出現在世人面前。從2007年起,黃凱宇開始在中原大學的「數位音樂實務」課程中教授Ableton Live。在2014年以後,為了更聚焦提高樂手們電子音樂的創作能力,他於臉書開設「電子音樂突刺班 」社團。黃凱宇老師是全球稀有的280 名Ableton認證教師其中一員。





Have you ever dreamed of creating your own music? Or maybe you find yourself wondering what goes into creating an award-winning musical composition? Or perhaps you just want to take your music production skills to the next level? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep on reading because this is the course for you.

Four industry leaders in different fields of electronic music have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind electronic music production course, drawing on all of their combined expertise. After having spent years watching talent blossom from all corners of Taiwan, they know that this amount of raw talent is out there.

The programme will take place in Taipei at the Xue Xue Institute. The beginner-level workshop consists of 24 teaching hours and will be spread out over eight weeks with classes taking place every Wednesday from 6:30-9:30 pm beginning on October 21, 2020 until December 9, 2020. In addition to the formal training, there will be informal networking gatherings held at theLOOP venues throughout the duration of the course.

The course has limited seats and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. See the full programme and registration information below:

Course Breakdown

1. Ableton Live Introduction
2. Creating Beats
3. Creating Melodies and Chords
4. Working with Audio
5. Audio Effects
6. Mixing
7. Advanced topics
8. Final project presentation


Equipment needed to participate is:

- Computer with Ableton Live 10 installed (using the 90-day free trial)
- Headphones
- Midi Keyboard: preferred but not required
- Recommended Samples Website: SPLICE.COM

Ableton currently offers a 90-day free software trial for the Live 10 Suite software. Since the course is officially supported by Ableton, students who enroll are eligible for Ableton’s Education discount of 40% for the purchase of Live 10 software for the duration of the course.

*Upon completion of the Studio Steps course, all compositions created by the participants, which meet the minimum requirements, will be sent to Music Industry Leaders all over Taiwan


Kai Yu Huang — aka fish.the — has been playing with synths, making music and DJing since 1988 and has been a pioneer in electronic music in Asia ever since. His accolades include writing the first book about dance music written in Chinese, the "2001 Electronic Dance Music Bible" as well as winning a Golden Horse Award for "Best Original Music for Film". Currently, Kai Yu performs live with Ableton Live, Push and M4L visuals (as fish.the), while being a member of San-Sheng-Xian-Yi supergroup. Since 2007, Kai Yu has been teaching Ableton as well as "Computer Music in Practice" at Chung Yuan University. Finally, in 2014, Kai Yu founded the "Crash Course Electronic Music", a group focused on teaching electronic music to aspiring musicians, and he is one of only 280 certified Ableton instructors worldwide.


NTD 23,500 per participant

Head here to sign up

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