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Studio Steps: Mixmag Asia teams up with Ableton & Kavemura for an online electronic music production class

Are you in need of a little more music in your life?

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 6 August 2020

If there is a silver lining to spending a little more time at home this year, it’s that there is ample time and no excuses to do those things that you’ve been meaning to get to for years: call your mom, organise your room, build a website… We thought, why not teach ‘em how to make music, too?

We’ve spent years watching talent blossom from bedrooms in Asia, and knowing how many more aspiring artists would be spending time in their bedrooms during this momentary shutdown, we teamed up with Ableton to offer 15 hours of online electronic music production classes.

Done over Skype, this beginner-level workshop will be spread out over 10 classes and accommodate up to 10 participants in one session. See the full programme and registration information below:



1. Setup + Ableton Live Introduction 1.5H
2. Elements of Music Production 1.5H
3. Working with Audio and Midi 1.5H


1. Building the Foundations of a Track: Drums - Melodies - Basslines - Synth - Sampling - Vocals 1.5H
2. Understanding Audio and Midi Effects 1.5H
3. Working with VST’s - Sound Libraries - External Hardware 1.5H


1. Familiarising with Sounds and Preparing to Create a Track 1.5H
2. Creating a House / Future House Track 1.5H
3. Creating a Hip-hop / Trap Track 1.5H
4. Problem Solving and Q&A 1.5H


Software needed to participate is:

Software: Ableton Live 10 (Suite)
Midi Keyboard: preferred but not required
Recommended Samples Website: SPLICE.COM

Ableton currently offers a 90-day free software trial for the Live 10 Suite software. Since the course is also officially supported by Ableton, students who enroll are also eligible to receive Ableton’s Education discount for the purchase of Live 10 software for the duration of the course.


The workshops will be hosted by Hong Kong producer and DJ Kavemura. His solo electronic music project started in Italy and developed in London and Hong Kong. Over the years, he mastered sampling techniques, synthesisers, turntables and drum machines, giving birth to his own unique style, a blend of warm, dreamy soundscapes and elegant dance floor rhythms. His music has been praised by several international magazines including Rolling Stones Magazine, Vice, Redbull, Positive magazine, TimeOut Hong Kong, TimeOut Shanghai, StrictlyBeats and many others. He's also a regular on the fashion circuit, with his tunes played at fashion shows from Milan to Asia.


US$720 for group sessions *starting soon
US$1,200 for one on one *open for registration

Head here to enroll.

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