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Mixer & Missus: Nervo

They are never seen without one another, but how much do the Aussie twins really know about each other?

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 27 November 2014

What was the best night of Mim’s life?

Liv: “I think she would say nights out in Ibiza.”

Mim: “The best night of my life is being with my best friends and my family, and literally, I have had to many good nights in Ibiza to remember. Amnesia, Sven Vath, Luciano…life changing.”

Ibiza always wins!

What’s the worst outfit Liv ever wore?

Mim: “Liv looks good in a lot, bitch, haha. We have this thing where anytime we wear something too tight we feel like sausages. But, she used to wear purple lipstick.”

Liv: “I used to wear dark purple lipstick, or like black, dark, weird lipstick. Actually right now that would be kinda cool but back then I was an emotional grunge loving 14-year-old.”

We’d like to see pictures of a 14-year-old Liv in the winning bad lipstick!

What would Mim say is the best thing to come out of Australia?

Liv: “Vegemite.”

Mim: “Vegemite.”


What would Liv say is the best album ever made?

Mim: “Silverchair! She was like a rock girl.”

Liv: “Janet Jackson – Velvet Rope.

Way off but Liv wins for loving Silverchair so much!

What would Mim say is the silliest fight you have ever been in?

Liv: “I’m not sure that I should tell you, haha. I can’t tell you the real silly one and I hope she doesn’t tell people of the media, but I guess we fight over workload sometimes, so if one of us has a boyfriend, the other one will be like hey, you’re not pulling your weight.”

Mim: “Probably with an ex-boyfriend and I ended up forgetting what we were fighting about.”

Wrong again but they actually later said that they rarely fight. That’s winning at being sisters! 

Who would headline Liv’s ideal music festival?

Mim: “Depends what day of the week it is really. Liv loves techno, so anything techno and she’s happy. She just loves it, I love it too but I’m more housey and happy and she’s more techno dark.”

Liv: “Gorgon City, Duke Dumont, a lot of the deeper guys we really love. I like Pete Tong too because he just keeps you guessing and he is always really refreshing and surprising. I would say Annie Mac but Mim would never say Annie Mac.

It’s always nice to know when EDM DJs have a dark side for techno.. 

Fashion and music combined, what would Mim say is the best decade?

Liv: “The 90s.”

Mim: “I’m a girl of the 90s, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve appreciated the 80s because they were more artistic and off the wall. So I wish I was a woman of the 80s.”

Definitely a win and both of them very well embody the two decades!  

What is the most annoying thing that Liv does?

Mim: “She annoys me about doing our radio show.”

Liv: “Well to me it’s biting my nails. Don’t know if that’s annoying to Mim. Maybe bossing her around when we are deejaying, like I’ll say I’m playing the next track and I won’t let her get in there. I also think she gets annoyed in the studio because I don’t like to sing in the microphone. She always trying to push me and I’m like no Mim, you’re the better singer, you get on the microphone.”

Considering how much time they spend together, the barely annoy each other. Crazy. 

What is Mim’s secret talent?

Liv: “She’s a good cook! And that’s something that people usually don’t know about us because we never get time to cook. Mim’s also really good at picking new bands. She’s a total natural at it. She’ll be like check these guys out and six months later everyone is taking about them.”            

Mim: “I can twirl my tongue.”           

Not even close but we did learn that they have VERY eclectic taste in music. 

What would Liv say is the best piece of music ever written?

Mim: “Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

Liv: “Angie Stone – Wish I Didn’t Miss You.”



What’s the first thing Liv does on tour and in a new city?

Mim: “Eat!”

Liv: “We always like to find and eat the local food. And we also really love dirty Chinese food, so we’ll like rock up to Seattle and ask the driver to drop us off in China town just to get some BBQd pork.”


What is Mim’s trapped on a desert island food?

Liv: “Mexican. Or Chinese food.”

Mim: “Well if we’re on a desert island, we’ve already got coconut water so that’s fine. For some reason all I’m thinking right now is that I love fried chicken.”

Even if they were wrong, Mexican ALWAYS wins. 

What would Liv says is the best city to DJ in?

Mim: “Ibiza.”

Liv: “Ibiza.”


What would Mim’s Tinder profile say?

Liv: “Looking for someone young or old, and to have fun with. I work hard, so you can’t guilt me for that. And preferably Australian.

What would Liv’s Tinder profile say?

Mim: “She wants something good and real and normal, but fun. She’s a fun chicka.”