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The Guest List

The Guest List: Marcello Giordani soundtracks his episode of "Chasing the Malayan Tiger"

The Italo Deviance honcho and one of half of Marvin & Guy curates an adventurous soundstripe through Malaysia

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 14 October 2022

One of half disco-tinted project Marvin & Guy, and the man behind blog and label ‘Italo Deviance’, Marcello Giordani is one of the modern era’s ambassadors of Italo disco. Since starting out as a DJ in 1993, he quickly enamoured Italy’s club scene through his involvement in the almost-official electronic sound of the country — that influential status us a producer and rare record collector soon became a global one, and by 2000 Marcello was signing records with labels like Dirt Crew and Mule Musiq. By 2008 he set up Italo Deviance as a blog, and eventually turned into a label. A highly acclaimed album ‘Orizzonti’ from 2018 was released on Slow Motion Records, a label which he’s still an active producer for today. His unwavering commitment to the Italo disco scene is also archived on video through Master Program, a series of shows where Marcello talks about Italo greats as well as the rarer side from his personal collection.

As wild as the music he loves, he’s curated an off-the-cuff soundtrack to his Malaysian adventure, where he split his time between meandering through the capital city after dark and exploring the jungles of the Malaysian Peninsular in hope of spotting the rare and almost extinct Malayan tiger.

Geoff & Trevor Bastow ‘Enterprise (Take 1)’

“This library theme from 1990 is the perfect soundtrack for packing before leaving to Malaysia and setting my mind for this wild trip.”

​The flight
Joël Fajerman ‘Panique A Bord’

“I'm flying over India and the aeroplane starts to shake in a very bad way, the passengers are getting very scared. Two minutes after everything is ok. Turbulence can happen.”

​Landing in Kuala Lumpur
Alan Hankshaw ‘Step Into Sunshine’

“It’s 9am and I'm landing in sunny Kuala Lumpur. This music makes me guess how cool and romantic this adventure will be.”

​En route to hotel
Fran ’i Mata Merah’

“I get an abusive taxi and the driver is listening to this great Malaysian synth-pop track I've never heard before. I ask to play it louder because I love it!”

​Cocktail by the pool
Windjammer ‘Tossing And Turning’

“After getting to my hotel room, I spot a small and hot swimming pool. I wear my speedo and I go straight to the bar to have a good cocktail and enjoy the warm and wet day.”

​Kuala Lumpur nightlife
Yunizar 'Telatah Penghibur'

“It’s 10pm and I decide to have a tour alone in the centre of KL; neon lights and music get you high! A lot of people ask me to join bars and discotheques and this Malaysian disco track is playing everywhere, I fall in love with the KL nightlife and get wasted.”

​The morning after (hangover)
Midi Band ‘K.A.L.M. (Arredo Mix)’

“I wake up early, around 6am because I need to prepare my stuff and leave for my jungle ride but I still have great memories of the night and also a terrible headache. Need some relaxing stuff.”

​A ride through the jungle
Civitenga ‘Space Invaders’

“Outside of the hotel I met this guy with a very old jeep, I jump on it. When we get inside the jungle this Italian library theme by Giovanni Civitenga starts rolling in my mind. The road is bad, my back hurts but I smile. The real adventure begins.”

​The tiger has been spotted
Tonica & Dominante ‘Tigre’

“The guy suddenly stops the jeep, tells me to be quiet and with a smile indicates an orange point in the middle of the tropical leaves…We spotted the tiger!”

​Unexpected Italo Disco Party
Marcello Giordani feat. Fred Ventura ‘Mysterious calls’ (in the night)

"Very tired, but happy, I decided to spend my last night in the city. Turning in a small alley I hear a familiar sound, it's my track! Malaysian guys are running an Italo party and I'm invited to join them. No chance to close the adventure in a better way."

"Ciao Malaysia!"

Marcello Giordani DJ feat. Fred Ventura Mysterious Calls (In The Night) is out now on Slow Motion records. Grab your copy here.

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