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The Guest List

The Guest List: Franck Roger gives us 10 tracks that epitomise real house music

The French producer's latest album '44' perfectly represents Franck's past, present & future in electronic music

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 10 May 2021

Franck Roger is a true household entity in the world of four by four. The French producer has played an influential role when it comes to the choice of dance floor weapons of many DJs. Most house addicts carry no less than one of Franck's records in their bag.

Like just a handful of independent artists who take care of everything under their wings by themselves, from studio production to label processes, Franck has successfully etched his name in the dominion of house, being a walking encyclopedia of the genre himself, whilst also being praised by the same legendary artists he's always been inspired by.

His own labels include Real Tone Records, Home Invasion Records and Treasure Records, each have a specified focus across the gamut of sonic expressions contained within the house universe. Franck's latest release is his '44' LP — an album that easily defines the evolution of an artist who's always been at the forefront of house music.

Dive into the deep below with Franck Roger.

​Colonel Abrams ‘Music Is The Answer’

"Another classic of classics, the definition of garage music takes precedence here with drums that makes you jump. The track is a strong message for the dance community in every way. By the way, I’m still dancing while I’m writing so you can only imagine…

And yes, we need now more than ever to listen to songs like this to give us courage these days."

Gerideau 'Take A Stand For Love (Blaze Shelter Mix)'

"One of the most influential bands in the game, and here featuring Gerideau on Vocals. Another brilliant production from the Blaze crew."

​A Guy Called Gerald 'Voodoo Ray'

"There would be no house music without him. House music wouldn’t have been given its true meaning without this track.

I’ve got so many memories with ‘Voodoo Ray’ — this track has the power to touch many generations and styles, whether you’re are into techno or house."

​Instant House 'Over (Stan's Mix)'

"Ahhhh here we are... and when it comes to old school spiritual house, this is one I definitely can’t keep out of my selection.

It’s a weird edit, with a ruff sound — the real sound of jungle reigned back in the days by our dear Joaquin Joe Claussell from NYC. Found this one back in the days in Tokyo and trust me it was really hard to find, so every time I travel I find a copy. Even if it’s not in good condition I have to get it, I don’t know why, but it’s like it’s a part of me."

James Mason 'Nightgruv'

"If you look at it, it’s very simple. A slow, downtempo rhythm, some Caribbean sounds and chimes which drives you straight to Key Largo with a Piña colada in hand and your vision set to getting lost with the horizon.

For its time, it’s a mesmerising production!

An extension to this world and a true gift from James Mason."

​House To House 'Taste My Love'

"Let’s go back to ‘87 in the room with the master (Marshall) Jefferson. You’re in for a deep and sexy song — it’s both very intimate and dark at the same time… it always gives me goosebumps."

​No Smoke 'Koro Koro'

"Back to Japan again, this time I’m playing ‘Koro Koro’ at Club Yellow and that was really something. It’s a timeless house track and great DJ tool. For the Lost & Found souls."

​House To House 'Taste My Love'

"Let’s go back to ‘87 in the room with the master (Marshall) Jefferson. You’re in for a deep and sexy song — it’s both very intimate and dark at the same time… it always gives me goosebumps."

​Project 4007 feat. James Howard & Joe Wormly 'It's Our Turn (Dubstramental) '

"This track was a great inspiration for me when I discovered house music, and I’ve been playing this one for a long time. Very simple but a great and happy feeling with this one. This was another love story with house music."

​Ralphi Rosario's Energy Factor 'Music, Music (Thee I Humped Mix)'

"Well, we’ve got ten minutes of house excellence right here. The good thing with this one is that you can mostly play it on any crowd at every time. It’s a real mass destruction floor killer, the drums, the samples, the voices and that hypnotic vibe that comes and goes. THIS is house music."

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