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​Day clubbing: A sophisticated & sun-drenched concept sweeping through Taipei

Without the pool but with one hell of a view

  • Mixmag Asia
  • 2 March 2021

Things changed this past year, us included. We’ve had a few less late nights, which means a few less hangovers, and done things with our weekends that we never dreamed of before: went to the beach, read a book, had brunch with family. Now as lockdowns relax and curfews are being extended, venues are starting to reopen, and DJs are returning to clubs, we’re faced with a disconcerting dilemma: we’ve really matured over the last year, and our tolerance for late nights and other nefarious things has been reset to something akin to a 15 year old. Or a 65 year old. How can I ever afterparty again when the afterparty starts at the same time I wake up?

One solution is day clubbing. Like a little sister to beach clubbing, the concept revolves around drinking as much as you can while the sun is out and still making it to bed before 9pm. The trend is serendipitously taking off in Taipei after CÉ LA VI threw a single Sunday afternoon affair last year and realized they were sitting on and catering to an entirely untapped market: professionals, parents and sophisticated young-at-hearts.

Taking place at CÉ LA VI in Taipei, 48 floors above the city at the tippity top of the newly built Nanshan skyscraper, the second tallest building in Taiwan provides what are unarguably the best vistas of Taipei City there is, with panoramic views in every direction. And Dayclub assembles there every other Sunday for a daytime extravaganza the transcends what the space was built for, which was daytime dining and nighttime partying, clashing the best of both worlds into one raucous Sunday afternoon.

Kitschy table packages and a full menu really help refine the experience but an injection of hip hop, house and EDM are what turn it into the kind of clubbing experience that the more seasoned partygoer might miss from the Friday nights of their youth before they were overtaken by students and two-day hangovers. Dayclub gives professionals and parents a chance to still get out and make it home by curfew because let’s face it, having a high-pressure full-time job or small children at home doesn’t mean anyone’s lost their edge — that edge just needs to happen a little earlier in the day.

CÉ LA VI is operated by theLOOP, the same folks from OMNI, Alta and KOR in Taipei, and curating fresh experiences paired with a stellar music selection has always been a spot of pride for the brand — Dayclub is no different. All that's missing is a pool and it could be Vegas, but the alfesco rooftop more than makes up for it.

Sophisticated and sun-drenched, Dayclub is now in its second year and going strong. The next event takes places on March 14. Follow CÉ LA VI here for regular programming.

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