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Artists exciting us in 2024 / April

Names from Asia and the Asian diaspora you should keep an eye and ear out for

  • 17 April 2024

As we've proudly mentioned before, the Asian scene is thriving. Among the plethora of talent spread across the region and diaspora, we keep on excitedly unearthing more and more names that may not be too familiar to some but are definitely worth your attention.

In the spirit of sharing, Mixmag Asia will be featuring a number of arguably under-the-radar artists who are currently making exciting noise in — and freshly out of — their respective scenes.

Prepare to expand your playlists.

TaoFu (Vietnam)

A name you’ll be seeing a lot more of across the Vietnam scene, and certainly a name that has the ubiquitous potential as its culinary namesake — meet TaoFu. Fuong Nguyen aka TaoFu started out on the dance floor and quickly pivoted to the DJ booth in 2020. Some of the scene’s heavyweights including Savage, The Observatory and Hanoi-based collective Atipik wasted no time in signing her up as a resident or regular selector. Her collection is jammed with surprises that she can effortlessly pull out in multi-genre sets that transgress electro and techno stylistics. She’s recently broken out of the Vietnam scene with shows in India and South Korea, and we’re expecting to hear her sounds across more borders, near and far.

Teodora Van Context (Vietnam)

Teodora Van Context was born into music — literally. Growing up in a studio as the daughter of a renowned music producer in Serbia shaped and refined her taste. In 2016, she founded Atipik Agency; a platform that blends art and music to promote local talents and challenge conventional party settings, while connecting artists from Europe and Asia. Her latest venture, Atipik Music, aims to spotlight regional producers, while her mixes have been heard on Electric Soul, HUM, Bangkok Community Radio and more. With a versatile style of sound, Teodora has also supported the likes of Alex Kassian, Oskar Offerman, and Jennifer Cardini, plus graced the stages of festivals like (Re)Treat, Equation and Fly To The Moon. Dive into her live recording at last year’s Likdo NYE on the Beach, and catch her upcoming Atipik showcase on May 10 at Unmute Hanoi.

Shanda (Germany)

Since moving to Berlin last July, Hong Kong-born Shanda has really been making good. The young DJ and Abyss co-founder made the move to pursue her “dream of being an artist” and, from the looks of it, she’s well on her way. In less than a year, she’s already made her mark on Berlin’s techno scene, with bookings for event labels like Slave to the Rave, HEISSS, and Candyflip. Back in December, she made Hong Kong proud with her sensational debut on acid green radio platform HÖR. Next month, Shanda will play the main stage at RSO for the first time with Home Again Festival while also teasing an upcoming podcast for Mitmischen, but what about the rest of the year? Honing her production skills and soaking in Berlin’s arts and culture is the plan… and we can’t wait to hear the results.

FUKHED (Australia)

Having torn her way through the Australian club and festival circuits, FUKHED is only ramping up for greatness. In her sets, she draws from techno, breaks, hardcore and more, always textured with her signature vocal chops, hypnotic bass and engaging mixes. After support and stage sharing with illustrious artists like Patrick Mason, I Hate Models, Nia Archives and X-Club, she’s now just dropped her highly anticipated debut single ‘No C No A’, which is creatively ambitious throughout and comes with a music video to match. She’s been up there on our list of artists to watch for about a year, and she’s proving why with every opportunity she gets.

Einox (South Korea)

Einox is a producer whose music transcends typical dance tracks, aiming to immerse listeners in varied perceptual experiences. His sound faithfully adheres to the rhythmic elements of classical techno while also incorporating certain contemporary music perspectives. He’s released on esteemed labels like Circular Limited, Oslated and Affin, plus his self-released ‘Recursion’ EP on January 12, 2024, featuring three minimal, acid, and flowing techno tracks that offer a refreshing sensation. Having graced clubs such as Department.en and vurt in Seoul, as well as Shenzhen’s Oil and Guangzhou’s Signal, we’re excited to witness Einox's sets in even more locations in Asia and beyond this year.

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