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​Singaporean based #vinyloftheday goes global with a mobile app

You can now buy, sell and trade records seamlessly and easily through the mobile app

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 16 March 2017
​Singaporean based #vinyloftheday goes global with a mobile app

Create diggers from all over the world have long been familiar with the #vinyloftheday hashtag with it especially trending amongst vinyl collectors on Instagram. In fact the name comes from niche community for vinyl geeks in Singapore that has evolved into a full-fledged smartphone app allowing collectors to buy, sell and trade vinyl with fellow fanatics all over the world.

The #vinyloftheday mobile app is an online shopping vinyl record marketplace hosting a variety of new and used records to buy and sell that come from both everyday collectors and record stores. It has just become available on the Apple Store mobile app for iPhone and an android version in the works.

Kurt Loy, one of the brains behind the app, saw a need in gap in the market and an opportunity after he noticed that the resurgence of vinyl was continuing to skyrocket in recent years. "The need to provide an all-in- one, on-the-go service for collectors to purchase vinyl records at a competitive price has never been more compelling," he said.

The recent surge in vinyl sales is believed to be a direct result of music streaming. Sales in the UK alone expected to hit 3.5 million this year and total sales in 2014 reached 14 million in America with a recent survey indicated that half of consumers stream an album online before purchasing it as a physical record.

The design and in-app experience was designed to be as frustration-free as possible with the title and artist of record, genre, price, condition (from near mint to used) and buyer/seller ratings all provided as well as a smart search bar to search for anything from specific genres of Balearic to Disco to your favorite hip-hop artists.

"We understand that the music discovery and purchasing process should be as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible, and have thus developed and designed this app through multiple iterations — we would not settle for anything less than our highest standards," he added.

"Today we’re proud to say that the #vinyloftheday application has finally satisfied our stringent standards for launch, — with a smooth, easy to navigate user interface, and an in-app architecture that ensures vinyl lovers and casual users will thoroughly enjoy using what we’ve made."

Eventually, #vinyloftheday aims to expand beyond just the transaction of vinyl and evolve into an ecosystem for vinyl collecting culture. Audiophile gear such as turntables and headphones, as well as music merchandise like band tees, gig posters and other paraphernalia are all on the agenda.

#vinyloftheday was established in 2013 in Singapore and even today is still maintained by a local team largely working DJs, producers, musicians and music curators.

Download the app for free from the Apple store here or directly from the website here.