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Xhin debuts a new techno side project called NIHX with a 4-track EP

The standout Singaporean talent also teases an EP on Midnight Shift

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 12 January 2017
Xhin debuts a new techno side project called NIHX with a 4-track EP

Singapore's star techno DJ and producer Xhin has had a rolling start to the new year and already premiered a brand new techno side project called NIHX. With that came a 4-track EP titled 001 that was released independently on Bandcamp.

For an artist known for darker and more abstract productions, Xhin told Bandwagon Asia that this project is targeted for the club. "These are mainly tools for DJs - a more playable kind of techno and electronic music. Well, at least I think so."

"NIHX is a side project,” he continued. “And a real fun one. I was also thinking that using another name would be fun as well."

The tracks on 001 were made from loops recycled from years ago after he felt inspired to rework them into something more cohesive.

Have a listen to the first track off 001 below and the rest here.

He’s also got another EP coming out on Singapore based house and techno label Midnight Shift in March and is also pondering another album later this year.

Although Xhin is based in Singapore, he's far more active in the European scene and is one of the few artists from Asia to play at the almighty Berghain and Tresor in Berlin. In April, he will play Hyperspace Festival in Budapest.

Read our spotlight and interview with Xhin here.

[via Bandwagon Asia]

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