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On Tour: Snakehips

From north to south, the British duo have 7 stops in Asia this December

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 1 December 2016
On Tour: Snakehips

There is a reason why you've been hearing a lot about Snakehips recently. The British DJ and production duo are on the heels of two consecutive years of touring to sold-out audiences worldwide and making headlines for their signature blend of swung beats, lush soulful samples and R&B-inspired hooks.

“We love the vibe of 90s music – Hi-Tek, Pete Rock, that golden era of R&B with singers like Aaliyah and SWV,” says James, one half of Snakehips. “We’re suckers for anything with cool soul samples and old drum beats. But we’re also influenced by living in London. We borrow from the past to make music for the future.”

Their soulful blend of old and new is a refreshing spin on modern club music we welcome with wide open arms in Asia. After summer gigs at Glastonbury and Outlook in Croatia, Snakehips are set to descend upon the region on a tour that will take them all over Asia. See the full schedule below.

Fun fact: despite being from the same city, the pair met on separate business trip to Hong Kong where they bonded over shared musical interests.

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