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Listen to 'Snake Eyes' from Twin Peaks by Taiwanese low-fi musician Alex Zhang Hungtai

He performed on the show's fifth episode last week at the Roadhouse

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 6 June 2017
Listen to 'Snake Eyes' from Twin Peaks by Taiwanese low-fi musician Alex Zhang Hungtai

It’s possible you’ve heard of Taipei-born Alex Zhang Hungtai as either Dirty Beaches or Last Lizard but more recently the Montreal-based musician has been releasing music under the project Love Theme.

But for the fifth episode of the new season of Twin Peaks, Alex makes an appearance at the Bang Bang Bar as part of a one-off band called Trouble along with David Lynch’s own son Riley Lynch and longtime music supervisor Dean Hurley.

The song they played is called 'Snake Eyes’ and is self-described as “noir R&B”.

Listen to it below.

If you're a fan of the song, like we were in a big way, the track will see a limited 7-inch release via Sacred Bones that will come along with a B-side called 'Mother's Gone.' Preorder it here.

Unfortunately, according to the label the trio are unlikely to records any more music: “There may never be any more music from Trouble, but this 45 serves as physical evidence of the group’s continued existence in a parallel cinematic universe, grinding out late night Roadhouse gigs in the fictitious town of Twin Peaks, Washington.”

The entire soundtrack for the highly anticipated revival of Twin Peaks is shaping up to be as outstanding as the show itself with the Chromatics who debuted 'Shadow' at the end of the first episode and plenty of more music by Johnny Jewel (think of the super synthy Drive soundtrack).

Go on, Alex.

[via Tiny Mixtapes]

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